As Experience Design Practice Lead, Miroslav’s mandate is to build a more human-centered IBM – often in unconventional ways. He leads a team of designers, researchers, strategists and engineers working to align IBM to user and market needs and deliver market-leading experiences users love, stay for, and pay for.

Previously, he was at the helm of the IBM Design Thinking Practice. He defined the theory, pedagogy and adoption strategy for IBM’s approach to design thinking in a globally distributed, continuous delivery enterprise.

In addition to his work at IBM, Miroslav is a trusted advisor in matters of design culture and practice, connecting innovation researchers in academia with practitioners in dozens of Fortune 100 companies. He is the founder of IBM Community Radio: a global platform for IBMers to tell their stories and engage in critical discourse that transcends their role in the business.

Before working for IBM Design Miroslav worked as a UX designer for IBM Smarter Processes, built laparoscopic surgical equipment in Germany and founded a house and techno record label in Pittsburgh. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University.