Experience Design Practice Lead

IBM Design Program Office
Mar 2017 – Present

Miroslav leads a cross-business unit organizational transformation program with a mandate to help IBM teams repeatedly deliver market-leading experiences. He leads a multidisciplinary research, engineering, and enablement effort to identify and define IBM’s strategic client journeys, develop business intelligence systems to influence organizational behavior, and orchestrate the company to execute these journeys at scale.

Key Projects

  • IBM Journey System

  • Project Radar

  • The Journey to Cloud

  • Design Adoption Journey



IBM Design Thinking Program Lead

IBM Design
Jul 2015 – Mar 2017

At a time when the industry had its eyes on IBM’s design program, Miroslav led a team to challenge decades-old design thinking orthodoxy. He defined the theory, crafted the practice, and set the strategy for the adoption of IBM Design Thinking: IBM’s approach to design thinking in a globally distributed, continuous delivery enterprise. Later, he formalized IBM’s internal program to enable, measure proficiency, and certify over 100,000 IBMers in IBM Design Thinking, and helped set the strategy that brought IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking offering to clients.

Key Projects

  • IBM Design Thinking University (now Enterprise Design Thinking)

  • IBM Design Thinking V2



Founder, Station Manager

IBM Community Radio
Dec 2014 - Present

Miroslav built and launched IBM Community Radio: a global platform for IBMers to tell their stories to thousands of listeners, and engage in critical discourse that transcends their role in the business.



Design Lead, IBM Project Whitewater

IBM Design, CIO
Dec 2014 – Jun 2015

What started as a grassroots effort to homegrow better tools for designers to collaborate remotely became a CIO-backed initative to vertically integrate IBM's software product development toolchain. Miroslav studied modern software teams to understand how to enable agile, cross-functional teams to work better together, and helped define the approach that enabled IBM to use world-class collaboration tools like GitHub, Slack, and Mural for the first time.



UX Designer + Researcher, RapidApps

IBM Smarter Processes
Jul 2013 – Dec 2014

As a designer on IBM RapidApps, Miroslav led the UX and research effort to develop a way for non-technical users to build, deploy, and scale apps using IBM's Cloud services. Through deep exploration of non-technical users' mental model of data, applications and services, and the use of natural language data and logic interactions, he designed an offering that became the most used service on IBM Cloud within three months of release.




Beger Design
Feb 2012 – Aug 2012



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Industrial Design

Carnegie Mellon University
2009 – 2013